Typically, residential and industrial septic material is drawn into a holding tank by means of a sliding vane vacuum pump.  Essentially, this type of pump is really a compressor where the transfer of air is from the low pressure (suction) side and discharged to the surrounding (ambient pressure) atmosphere.

The septic tank pumpers life is made much simpler because unlike typical sliding vane Vacuum pumps, there are no sliding or reciprocating parts within the Multiple Segment Lobe Pump.  In fact, there are no contacting parts within the media transport zone.  This eliminates the possibility of winter time vane freeze and the need for lubricating oil to reduce sliding friction.  In addition, there is no need to cool the pump housing since there is no heat of friction and no heat of compression know as adiabatic heating. 

  • Continuous vacuum = 25 mm Hg

  • No internal surface contacts mean no blade freeze

  • Grease packed bearings so there is no oil to replace or recover

  • No internal or external housing cooling required

  • Fully reversible for loading and unloading of liquids

  • Self priming with an NPSH of 25 feet

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