The OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump is a totally new type of positive displacement pump that can deliver continuous flow and high pressure without the pulsation characteristic of traditional lobe pumps. The pump delivers the same displacement efficiency at any speed and is fully reversible. Run in one direction, the pump is a pressure producing machine. The same pump, run in the opposite direction becomes an extremely efficient vacuum pump.   


The Multiple Segment Lobe Pump can produce both high flow rates plus hydrostatic pressure in excess of 800 PSI in a SINGLE STAGE.  The ability to reverse flow at lower speed, while keeping a constant displacement efficiency can aid in the module element cleaning process.  


Typically, residential and industrial septic materials are drawn into a holding tank by means of a sliding vane vacuum pump.  Unlike the sliding vane pump, the Multiple Segment Lobe Pump has no vanes to freeze, does not require oil lubrication to reduce friction and wear and does not require cooling because there is no adiabatic heating of the air.


The Multiple Segment Lobe pump can deliver continuous, non-pulsating, high volume flowrates required for pipeline boost pump applications.  The highly efficient flow path through the machine is virtually linear and devoid of tangential vortices and turbulence.  High or low viscosity materials are not a problem for this machine. The machine is fully reversible which can help remove line plugs.

Air & Gas

Unlike any other Pressure or Vacuum machine the Multiple Segment Lobe Pump does not generate heat in the pump chambers during the compression and/or vacuum cycle.  This pump characteristic alone reduces energy input and system complexity of either process resulting in high system efficiency while reducing operating cost.

Marine Propulsion

A submerged waterjet propulsion system has been designed that combines the hydrostatic pressure producing characteristic of the Multiple Segment Lobe Pump with a submerged, variable area discharge that optimizes the propulsion thrust at any vessel speed.  In doing so, there is a 30% to 40% fuel saving over a speed range of five to forty miles per hour based on a theoretical analysis comparing the OCOR system with the actual vessel drag and propeller thrust of major pleasure boat manufacturer.

Fire Fighting

The high NPSH, high pressure, high volume flow of the MSLP makes it ideal for wilderness fire fighting, industrial fires as well as residential zone emergence fires.  High rate tanker filling from remote water sources made possible by high NPSH.  800+ PSI hydrostatic pressure for extended boom supply to high rise structures.  Compact size makes In flight helicopter tank filling possible.

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