Air & Gas

Unlike any other pressure or vacuum machine, the Multiple Segment Lobe Pump ‘positively displaces’ discrete volumes the air or gas between the inlet and discharge of the machine without changing its physical properties. It simply adds kinetic energy to the flow stream. 


When used for a conventional vacuum application, the air/gas is simply drawn into the pump from a closed or restricted source and transported (discharged) into the atmosphere without heat generated by either friction or adiabatic heating.


In a compression cycle, the media is transported at inlet pressure to the discharge side of the machine.  The increase in air/gas pressure and temperature occurs on the downstream side of the transfer process where it can be conditioned by exterior means.


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  • Pressure and flow are only limited by the structural limits of the containment housing

  • heated air/gas can be conditioned by direct contact heat exchange and/or Linde Process cooling

  • Flow direction is fully reversible

  • Very low discharge turbulence 

  • Proprietary nesting rotor shape minimizes adjacent mating rotor leakage

  • Clearance between rotors and stationary surfaces is minimized by a proprietary positioning method

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