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OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump Delivers Deep, Non-pulsating Vacuum Flow for Various Industries


Oct. 4, 2016 -  The Multiple Segment Lobe Pump from OCOR Corporation is a positive displacement helical lobe pump that provides continuous vacuum flow without the pulsation characteristic of traditional lobe pumps. The pump delivers the same displacement efficiency at any speed and is fully reversible, making it a perfect solution for septic and industrial pumping applications.

OCOR Corporation Reinvents the Conventional Lobe Pump


June 2, 2015 -  Lobe pumps have been a staple in materials transport device for more than 100 years, but they have one major design flaw: Pulsating flow. OCOR Corporation has released the performance data on a prototype of a fully reversible lobe pump that produces both high pressure and high volume flow in a single stage, delivering continuous, non-pulsating flow.

Submerged Water-Jet Marine Propulsion
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April 2008 -  To reduce fuel consumption and associated environmental impact of marine vessels, this submerged water-jet marine propulsion system utilizes a new type of positive displacement pump; specifically, a segmented lobe pump that has dual rotors that accelerate intake water to produce only axial thrust rather than an a traditional propeller that produces both axial and radial (transverse) forces. Flow from the pump is discharged longitudinally beneath the vessel through a discharge opening that contains a movable center-body that can optimize the discharge flow velocity thereby producing maximum thrust at any vessel speed. 

Advanced Marine Propulsion with a New Twist


March 6, 2009 -  OCOR Corporation in San Diego, California has recently patented a submerged waterjet marine propulsion system that utilizes a helical lobe pump combined with a variable area discharge to accelerate water through a jet system producing pure axial thrust. The ‘new twist’ refers to the helical geometry of the pump lobes on each of the counter-rotating rotors.  The new design can reduce fuel consumption by 30% or more on any size vessel

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