OCOR Multiple Segment  Lobe Pump

The new OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump can transport (positively displace) a high volume of liquid or gas media in a continuous, non-pulsating stream without changing any of its physical properties.


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The new OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump is a fully reversible, positive displacement pump adaptable to a wide variety of traditional pump applications involving high and low flow, high and low pressure as well as the transport of gases, fluids and semi solid materials. 



OCOR Corporation Reinvents the Conventional Lobe Pump


Lobe pumps have been a staple in materials transport for more than 100 years, but they have one major design flaw.


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"Create the Future" 2007 Design Contest

Transportation Category Honorable mention for OCOR Submerged Water-jet Marine Propulsion system.                        

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OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump Delivers Continuous Deep Vacuum Flow 

The pump delivers the same displacement efficiency at any speed and is fully reversible...           

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